Compiling Asterisk 12 (with PJSIP support) on a brand-new CentOS 6 system is pretty straightforward. Most of the packages come prebuilt so it’s not very complex to do.


Let’s check the current version.

[root@localhost ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS release 6.5 (Final)
[root@localhost ~]# uname -a
Linux localhost.localdomain 2.6.32-431.el6.i686 #1 SMP Fri Nov 22 00:26:36 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

First we update the system so that we have everything needed to compile plus the packages we need.

yum update
yum install gcc-c++ make gnutls-devel kernel-devel libxml2-devel ncurses-devel subversion doxygen texinfo curl-devel net-snmp-devel neon-devel
yum install uuid-devel libuuid-devel sqlite-devel sqlite git speex-devel gsm-devel

Compiling PJSIP

We have everything for PJSIP but the SRTP library.

tar zxvf srtp-1.4.2.tgz
cd srtp
make install
cp /usr/local/lib/libsrtp.a /lib
cd ..

Now we are ready for PJSIP itself. Make sure you download the patched version that works with Asterisk.

git clone pjproject
cd pjproject/
./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-shared --disable-sound --disable-resample --disable-video --disable-opencore-amr --with-external-speex --with-external-srtp --with-external-gsm
make dep
make install
cd ..

Note: if compiling on a 64-bit CentOS system, remember to add –libdir=/usr/lib64 to have Asterisk find it later (Thanks Jakub!)

Compiling Asterisk

We start by compiling Jansson - it is available in the CentOS repos, but it’s an old version.

tar zxvf jansson-2.5.tar.gz
cd jansson-2.5
./configure --prefix=/
make install
cd ..

Note: I had to set –prefix=/usr/ to stop Asterisk borking when detecting the Jansson library. (Centos 6.5 (Final) 64-bit)

Now it’s time for Asterisk itself:

cd asterisk-12.0.0/
make menuselect

Under Channel Drivers check that chan_pjsip is checked (and disable chan_sip is you really feel brave!). If building on a KVM box, better uncheck BUILD_NATIVE under Compiler Flags (press x to save).

make install
make samples
cd ..

If all went well…

[root@localhost asterisk-12.0.0]# asterisk
[root@localhost asterisk-12.0.0]# asterisk -vvvvr
Asterisk 12.0.0, Copyright (C) 1999 - 2013 Digium, Inc. and others.
Created by Mark Spencer <>
Asterisk comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; type 'core show warranty' for details.
This is free software, with components licensed under the GNU General Public
License version 2 and other licenses; you are welcome to redistribute it under
certain conditions. Type 'core show license' for details.
Connected to Asterisk 12.0.0 currently running on localhost (pid = 18101)

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