WombatDialer is a next-generation dialer platform for the Asteriskâ„¢ PBX.

It is meant as a way to implement a number of functions that are not easily handled in an Asterisk-based call center, like:

  • Queue call-backs: allow callers to leave their numbers instead of waiting on a queue, and then being calls them back

  • Web-based contact-us forms: allow customers to be called back by using a web form

  • Automated surveys / Reverse IVRs: call a list of numbers and gather information that is entered as DTMF

  • Number verification services: automatically check the validity of phone numbers

  • Telecasting of pre-recorded messages: send pre-recorded messages to thousands of recipents quickly and efficiently

  • Automated appointment reminders: remind and take appointments, with our without human interventions

  • Automated subscription expiration: automatically call expiring subscriptions, and have clients renew their subscription

  • Automated quality surveys: run quality/performance interviews and feed them back into the QueueMetrics QA module

  • Generic progressive dialing: keep your outbound agents busy by having a dialer compose numbers, handle retries and pre-qualify leads

  • …and many many more!

WombatDialer is a platform, meaning that it lets you develop specific solutions that are custom-tailored for the task at hand. It hides away the complexisties of tracking calls, handling redials, getting data to and from extenal servers, scaling up to multiple Asterisk servers, and more.

WombatDialer was built from the scratch to work well with QueueMetrics, so that you can use QueueMetrics to report on its activities together with your existing inbound/outbound activities; it may work with agents on queues therefore leveraging the way you currently work with QueueMetrics, and can use the QueueMetrics agent and Real-time pages as a control point for its activities.

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