If you are having problems manually typing in your dialplan commands, you can use the Asterisk dialplanner!

With an easy point-and-click interface, the Asterisk dialplanner is a web-based tool to assist your dialplan creation. You can create new contexts and extensions, then select the appropriate command from a convenient list.

Then, simply type in that command’s arguments. The dialplanner tool will automatically assign the proper priorities so you’ll never have to remember the correct priority to use.

You’ll also get to see the dialplan in a nested tree structure, providing a visual view of how your dialplan looks.

Once you’ve finished, with a click of a button you can export your dialplan into the standard extensions.conf format. Simply type in your email address, and your new creation will be emailed to you in a flash!

Go ahead and give it a go!

The Asterisk Dialplanner is a Java applet and requires a modern Java runtime.