Getting Asterisk

cd /root/asterisk1/src
cvs login   ( the password is anoncvs.)
cvs checkout zaptel libpri asterisk 

To get the current stable release, issue the following command:

cvs checkout -r v1-0 zaptel libpri asterisk asterisk-addons asterisk-sounds

Getting OH323

You’ll need: Asterisk-OH323 OpenH323 (v1.13.5) PWlib (v1.6.6) It is very important that you download the exact version of these packages, otherwise OH323 might not work.




Compiling Asterisk

make make install make samples

Patching oh323

cd openh323 patch -p1 < asterisk-oh323-0.6.5/openh323_1.13.5-make.patch

Compiling PWLib

cd pwlib ./configure make clean make make install make opt

Compiling OH323

cd openh323 ./configure make clean make opt

Compiling ASTERISK-OH323

You have to edit the makefile vi Makefile

You should then modify the following lines to set your current path:


To end compilation, you should:

make make install

Checking the module

To chehk that the module has been built, try

ls -l /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/

If you don’t need debugging symbols, you can reduce the executable size with strip

strip /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/

Start Asterisk

Start Asterisk with:

asterisk -vvvvvvc

And see if it does start or it abends.