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AstRecipes»Upgrading QueueMetrics licences

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AstRecipes » Upgrading QueueMetrics licences

This recipe explains how to set a new activation key in QueueMetrics. This applies to temporary keys you may request from the web site or to official product activation keys.

To request a temporarty unlimited licence for QueueMetrics, please fill in the form at

Once you have obtained it, to insert the key into QueueMetrics you have to:

star Locate the file WEB-INF/web.xml within the QueueMetrics webapp. If you installed your copy of QueueMetrics using yum, the webapp is located at /usr/local/queuemetrics/webapps/queuemetrics-version.

star Edit the file with a text editor

star Locate the section with the licence; it looks something like:


star Insert your licence key within the param-value tag, exactly as it was sent to you and all on one single line without line breaks or spaces.

star Save the file

star Restart your servlet container. If you installed using yum, just type /etc/init-d/queuemetrics restart.

star Try and login to QueueMetrics using your browser

star Press on the "Licence" label to see your current active licence, its expiration date and the maximum number of licenced agents.

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