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AstRecipes»Manually updating QueueMetrics

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AstRecipes » Manually updating QueueMetrics

This recipe assumes that you have a working QueueMetrics installation and you just need to update it to a newer version.
It should work with any servlet container.

star make a backup copy of the old queuemetrics webapp and of the old queuemetrics database
star install the new version (just unpack it unto the webapps/ space)
star copy the mysql-connector.jar from the old WEB-INF/lib to the new (so it's got the DB connector)
star copy the WEB-INF/web.xml file from the old to the new version (so the licence key and the DB connection are preserved)
star restart tomcat
star when you start up QM, it will likely complain of an error with the database version and drive you to the database update tool. Run it. If it doesn't, go to http://.../queuemetrics/dbtest anyway and see if that page reports any error.
star things should now work. As a last step, make a diff of the old WEB-INF/ to the new one, and update properties that were manually changed in the old version.

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