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AstRecipes»Installing XC-AST under Jetty

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AstRecipes » Installing XC-AST under Jetty

This procedure works the same way with both Jetty 4.x or Jetty 5.x.

star Download Jetty 5.0 from this link.
star Unpack the Jetty archive and change working dir to Jetty-5.0.0
star Locate the file etc/demo.xml and copy it to to etc/xcast.xml
star Edit etc/xcast.xml adding the following lines where you find a lot of similar entries:

<Call name="addWebApplication">
  <Arg><SystemProperty name="jetty.home" default="."/>/webapps/xc-ast/</Arg>

star Unpack xc-ast within the directory webapps; rename the unpacked directory xc-ast (it is usually something like xc-ast-0.6.0-eval)
star Add the required jars (see Adding third-party modules to XC-AST) and create the required database (see Creating XC-AST database).
star Start jetty with java -jar start.jar etc/xcast.xml
star Point your browser to if you are on the same Linux box, or http://my_server_address:8080/xc-ast if you are not .

There you are!