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AstRecipes » Installing XC-AST

To install XC-AST, you need:
star Java 1.4+ working on your machine (if you don't, download a Java SDK from Sun)
star A modern JSP/servlet container, like Apache Tomcat 5 or Jetty
starMySQL version 4

These components should be already working before attemping an installation. As these components are quite OS independent, the software should work on most modern operating systems; we have tried it on both a Win32 system and on various flavours of Linux.

If you are using Jetty as the servlet container, there is a detailed recipe here.

star Unpack the XC-AST tar archive, look for instructions within xc-ast/WEB-INF/README
star Deploy the files in the webapp area of your servlet container
star Download third party modules (see Adding third-party modules to XC-AST)
star Create the required database (see Creating XC-AST database).
star Start or restart your servlet container
star Point your browser to http://YOURSERVER/xc-ast/
star After you log in, not forget to change the users passwords!