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AstRecipes»Connecting to FWD using IAX

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AstRecipes » Connecting to FWD using IAX

It is possible to connect an Asterisk box to FreeWorldDialup using either SIP or IAX2.

This article assumes you already have a working FWD account; if you don't, you can easily create it right on the site.

The following strings must be substituted in the examples:
star LOGIN is your FWD number
star PASS is your FWD password
star INCOMINGFWD is a context created for incoming FWD calls (you can leave it as INCOMINGFWD)
star SIP/myphone is a telephone terminal to ring on incoming FWD calls

To use IAX, you have to:
star Visit to activate your account for IAX

star Edit the file /etc/asterisk/iax.conf in your Asterisk box, adding:

register =>

in the [General] section (this part enables outgoing calls from you to FWD)
In the same file, add by the end of the file:


(This part enables incoming calls from FWD to you).

star In /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf, create a context for INCOMING calls, i.e. calls coming from FWD.

exten => LOGIN,1,Dial(SIP/myphone,20,tr)
exten => LOGIN,2,Voicemail(33)
exten => LOGIN,102,Voicemail(33) 

Of course, you can dial any other telephone terminal or do whatever you want. In this case I ring a terminal for 20 seconds and then start voicemail.

starIn /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf, edit your user context to allow calling FWD:

exten => _1#.,1,SetCallerId,"LOGIN"
exten => _1#.,2,Dial(IAX2/${EXTEN:2},60,r)
exten => _1#.,3,Congestion 

This way, when I want to dial a FWD number, I start it with 1#, like by typing 1#123456 I call FWD 123456.